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Human body has a certain capacity for handling fat and a certain capacity for handling carb
The capacity to handle fat is far far greater than the capacity to handle carb
When you take LChF diet
The systems are put into optimal usage
When you take HCLf diet the fat system is under utilized and carb system is over utilised
This is such a simple concept that I thought everyone will know
Since you did not know you were not able to understand my article
Hope you have now realised where you went wrong 
//டாக்டர் !
குறை மாவு + அதிக கொழுப்பில பழங்களுக்கும், கொட்டைகளுக்கும் இடம் இருக்கா?
பேலியோவாதிகள் சொல்றது எவ்லோ கொழுப்பு வேணா
நீங்க சொல்ற்து தேவையான கொழுப்பு
Varies from person to person and for the same person from day to day
// still I am not convinced with your reply //
No issues
Medical Science is not a simple one
One needs lots of knowledge and lots of understanding to interpret the nuances
Keep reading the basics,
You will understand this one day, if not today
All the best
still I am not convinced with your reply because I was told high levels of fat in the blood may cause pancreatitis. And, this is very high level of saying.... but we get into detail, they end up talking about various enzymes, it's level of secretion etc, etc..,
Also I was told, it is easy to digest carb... and it involves with greater overhead to deal with fat and meat digestion...
I was told
Also I was told
Are are humbugs
You can Ask Questions to clarify doubts . . . That is altogether different
But comments like <<முழங்காலுக்கும் மொட்டத்தலைக்கும் முடிச்சுப் போடும் போதுதா... நமக்குள்ள இருக்கவன் காண்டாகுறான்....>> should be written only after having at least some knowledge of the subject
Sorry to say this
From your comments, I can see that you lack basic knowledge of this subject
You have read some isolated articles and have misunderstood the issue
Please read Basics
I suggest that you read at least these books before you comment on others
1. Harper
2. Ganong
3. Guyton
4. Harper
5. Tripathi
6. Harrison
//kudos to you Doctor... when we say the same, we have been put up in throttle... :-(//
You can always say that
The trouble starts when you write rubbish to defend your stand
Like what you have written here
Also I was told, it is easy to digest carb... and it involves with greater overhead to deal with fat and meat digestion...
This is a downright stupid statement 
Have you heard about something called Lactose Intolerance ??
Is Lactose a Carb or Fat or Protein or Mineral or Vitamin or Water
//I was told high levels of fat in the blood may cause pancreatitis.//
Fat ?? 
What Fat 
Fat Globules during Fat Embolism
Which Fat ? 
What is the cut Off Value 
Do you have any idea about what you are talking 
Please don't write nonsense
//நமக்குள்ள இருக்கவன் காண்டாகுறான்....//
Half Knowledge is always dangerous
நிறைகுடம் தளும்பாது
//இந்நிலையில், குளம், குட்டை என்பது இன்சுலினுக்கு மட்டுமே எடுத்தாளப்பட்டிருப்பது.... இஃகிஃகி....//
இது போன்ற தரங்கெட்ட நக்கல் மறுமொழிகளை எழுதுவதற்கு ஒரே காரணம் தான் இருக்க முடியும் 
உங்கள் அறியாமை 
நிறைகுடம் தளும்பாது

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