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If you use sarcasm etc, be rest assured that we are good at that too

First and foremost
There are four types of questions
1. Questions by students - these are to improve knowledge
2. Questions by teachers - these are to test whether the other person knows
3. Questions among equals to find better knowledge and wisdom
4. Questions for argument's
If the questions are of type 1, the answer is always polite
Most questions are like this only
Selvam or seniors answer most of the questions
If it is too technical , I step in
Some people ask questions, not for learning, but to prove that Paleo is wrong
Again, if such questions are correct, the answer will be polite
Unfortunately most, if not all of such argument questions are not just wrong, but also stupid.
They are stupid because the questioner does not even take pains to read basics before asking those
Good examples are the questions you asked me
The answer will be a harsh "read Harper"
You reap what you sow
If you want to learn, come as a student and we will teach you patiently
If you want to argue, you can't learn
If your argument points are right, the discussion will be healthy
If you use sarcasm etc, be rest assured that we are good at that too


t My HBA1C reduced from 6.8 to 5.6 after more than 5 months Paleo diet. I have fasting sugar 140+ but through out the day whenever i measure (various random test) its always below 110.

Whats the reason for high FBS compared to other time ?

This is dawn effect
Nothing to worry
Since your random (except fasting) is below 110 and also since your HbA1c has also reduced, you need not worry

//At present i am taking 500mg glucophage at night//
Reduce the dose to 250 mg and you will see that your FBS comes down :) :) :)

Gokul Kumaran Go for very less carbohydrate that is less than 20 grams per day, have optimum protein not exceeding one gram per kg of your body weight per day. Have early dinner before 7 p.m. Practice some long fasting in the range of 36 to 44 hours in the week end.

Going for Low CHO is needed
I don't think other measures are needed

Gokul Kumaran This is because of gluconeogenesis that means making new glucose. Your liver is producing new glucose with the help of fat and protein at night.

Dawn effect is due to Gluconeogenesis, but that Gluconeogenesis is because of increased hyperglycaemic hormones as compared to insulin

So , restricting protein intake will NOT Help.

As I have explained many times,

Paleo is an unique state of Well Fed Ketosis in which metabolism differs from Fasting Ketosis

For Sudharsan Venkat, I suggest he reduces the Dose of his Night Hypoglycemic drug for one week and check again

Carb deficiency
//That's cool then. That was my only worry about paleo diet (that one might be taking excessive fat).//
What are the essential components of food
1. Carb
2. Fats
3. Proteins
4. Vitamins
5. Minerals
6. Water
You have water deficiency dehydration
You have mineral deficiency like anemia
You have vitamin deficiency like rickets
You have protein deficiency like kwashiorkor
You have essential fatty acid deficiency
Is there anything called Carb deficiency
Read in Singham Surya modulation
Anemia parthurpinga
Rickets parthurpinga
Yaen, kwashiorkor kooda parthurpinga
Carb deficiency parthurkingalaaa . .. 

Basic biochemistry

Basic biochemistry
Fat deposit in body depends on amount of insulin secreted
Insulin secretion depends on carbs you intake
And not on amount of fat you intake
And not on amount of calories you intake
Adding 1 & 2
Fat deposit on your body depends on the amount of carbohydrates you intake
The total calories and fat you intake have negligible effect
Paleo is not starvation
Paleo is well fed state
Only to avoid starvation, it is advised to eat till you are not hungry
By Paleo
We are giving adequate amino acids and energy to the body
Your beta cell thinks that body is underfed and reduces insulin secretion
Since insulin secretion is reduced, lipolysis is more and lipogenesis is less and this reduces weight and waist

Without learning basics, one cannot find it out

//Still the question of How do you find out stands valid and open
//Paleo is the treatment for primary insulin resistance. For secondary insulin resistance due to sedantary lifestyle, exercise is needed For secondary insulin resistance due to more calories intake, calorie restriction is needed// say, there is a patient X, who is diabetic, obese, having sedentary life style (almost all ppl have all these risk factors) (is there any patient in this group who is a sportsman / athletic / extremely fit who is a type 2 diabetic?) if so, how do you determine or find out whether it is due to primary insulin resistance or due to sedentary lifestyle or due to high calorie intake//
One who has learnt the basics properly will be able to find it based on history, clinical examination and lab investigations
Without learning basics, one cannot find it out
This is why , from the beginning I am saying learn the basics first
There is no use in debating whether open cholecystectomy or lap cholecystectomy is best for a patient without knowing anatomy of calots triangle
If you think you can post 2 pages from sabiston and 4 pages from maingot and appear wise, you are mistaken