This Site is Intended to Discuss What to Eat and What not to Eat in Paleo Diet. A Diet which will help you reduce weight and control diseases like Type 2 Diabetes

If you are a layman and if you want to know more about Paleo diet from a Layman point of view, please visit Chennai Paleo Doctor

If you are interested in Scholarly Articles and Technical Journals about Science of Nutrition and Food, please see Paleo 4 Diabetes

If you use sarcasm etc, be rest assured that we are good at that too

First and foremost
There are four types of questions
1. Questions by students - these are to improve knowledge
2. Questions by teachers - these are to test whether the other person knows
3. Questions among equals to find better knowledge and wisdom
4. Questions for argument's
If the questions are of type 1, the answer is always polite
Most questions are like this only
Selvam or seniors answer most of the questions
If it is too technical , I step in
Some people ask questions, not for learning, but to prove that Paleo is wrong
Again, if such questions are correct, the answer will be polite
Unfortunately most, if not all of such argument questions are not just wrong, but also stupid.
They are stupid because the questioner does not even take pains to read basics before asking those
Good examples are the questions you asked me
The answer will be a harsh "read Harper"
You reap what you sow
If you want to learn, come as a student and we will teach you patiently
If you want to argue, you can't learn
If your argument points are right, the discussion will be healthy
If you use sarcasm etc, be rest assured that we are good at that too

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